TDA CEU: Integrated Pest Management. Must attend full day to receive 7 hours of TDA CEUs. PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Learn effective pest management strategies tailored for turfgrass in this session. Explore approaches integrating cultural, biological, and chemical controls. Discover pest identification, monitoring, and sustainable maintenance practices to minimize environmental impact. Also, gain insights into the latest pest control technologies and regulatory considerations. Perfect for turfgrass managers and professionals seeking sustainable solutions for healthier, resilient turf.
Dr. Chavarria received his PhD in Molecular and Environmental Plant Science at Texas A&M University, his research focus is turfgrass physiology and abiotic stress. Dr. Chavarria is currently an Assistant Professor and Extension in Turfgrass in Soil Crop Sciences Department at Texas A&M University and AgriLife Extension. The principal focus of Manuel’s extension and research deals with turfgrass management needs from homeowners, municipalities, sport fields, golf courses, and sod farms. Manuel’s vision of his extension and research program is concentrated on physiology stress in warm-season turfgrasses related to salinity, poor water quality, water conservation in urban landscape, and drought stress.