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Roses make the perfect landscape plant! Join us to learn all about their versatility and how to integrate one of the most well known historic flowers in the world into projects of all kinds. Discussions will include characteristics of different roses, choosing the proper rose for a variety of situations, setting roses up for long-term success, and much more!

Executive Summary:
Roses have long been celebrated for their beauty, fragrance, and timeless appeal in gardens and landscapes all around the world. Roses are also treasured for their versatility, as they can fill any space and fit any style. We will cover some of the historic uses of roses and the value that they offer.

We will be discussing the different types of roses that are well-suited for a variety of landscaping projects, taking into consideration color, fragrance, and growth habit to achieve the desired aesthetic in the design. We will also be discussing different ways to incorporate roses into the landscape, including creating a focal point, borders, adding vertical interest, and more.

Rose care is an important additional part to roses in the landscape. Old Garden Style Roses are great for the landscape as they are typically hardier, more disease resistant, can bloom throughout many seasons, and overall require less hands on maintenance. We will be discussing the general care for roses, including mulching, pruning, disease and pest control, and more.

We will be showing an example of a project from start to finish using roses and other wonderful companion plants in a residential setting.

There are countless ways to integrate roses into residential and commercial landscape designs, the possibilities are endless.

* Attendees will learn about many different ways to use roses in a variety of landscapes
* Attendees will learn about how to choose roses for a variety of situations, learning about color, fragrance, and different growth habits.
* Attendees will learn about how to plant for success, setting up roses for prospering in the long term.
* Attendees will learn all about general care for roses.

Speaker Marie Jenkins, Antique Rose Emporium