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Ornamental crop production is one of the growing industries in Texas. Crops are growing in greenhouses and open pad areas. Insect pests and diseases often cause economic loss to commercial producers. Among those insect pests, some are already established and cause damage every year or season. Invasive pests impose a greater concern with less available management tools. Conventional chemicals alone are not sufficient to manage the pests for the long term as insects get resistant to them. Integrated pest management offers several options over much dependency on chemical programs. Pests like whiteflies, aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, and Crape myrtle bark scale impose a big concern for growers every year. Moreover, invasive pests like European pepper moths, and invasive thrips species are threatening this valuable industry. Learning about pest management options can help to know the pests earlier and develop sustainable management.
Takeaway points:
1. Types of Ornamental pests.
2. Injury pattern of different pests.
3. Approach and implementation of different steps of Integrated pest management for specific pests.
Rafia Khan is the Assistant Professor Extension Entomologist for Texas A&M University Entomology.