Must be registered for Wednesday Education CEU sessions to attend. Please note, to receive a full 8 hours of TCEQ CEUs you must attend these sessions for the full day! Gain the knowledge and tools to utilize ET data effectively for implementing seasonal water conservation strategies in drought-prone regions.
During this session, participants will:
Understanding Evapotranspiration (ET): Gain a comprehensive understanding of evapotranspiration and its role in the water cycle. Explore how ET data can provide valuable insights into the water needs of plants and landscapes, helping to optimize irrigation scheduling and water management practices.
Benefits of ET Data: Learn about the benefits of incorporating ET data into water conservation strategies. Discover how ET data can help improve irrigation efficiency, reduce water waste, and promote healthy plant growth while mitigating the impacts of drought on landscapes.
Utilizing ET Data for Seasonal Planning: Explore practical strategies for harnessing ET data to develop seasonal water conservation plans. Learn how to interpret ET data trends and patterns to adjust irrigation schedules, select drought-tolerant plant species, and implement water-saving practices tailored to specific climatic conditions and landscape requirements.
Case Studies and Success Stories: Gain insights from real-world case studies and success stories showcasing the effective use of ET data in water conservation initiatives. Learn from examples of how organizations and communities have leveraged ET data to achieve significant water savings and promote sustainable landscape management practices.
This session is ideal for landscape architects, irrigation professionals, water resource managers, and anyone involved in landscape design and water conservation efforts.
Charles Swanson is an Extension Program Specialist II at Texas A&M University in the Biological & Agriculture Engineering school. Charles specializes in landscape irrigation and water management. With degrees from Texas A&M University, he brings expertise in irrigation technologies and scheduling. Charles is committed to promoting sustainable water practices and optimizing irrigation efficiency. Contact him at