Must be registered for Wednesday Education CEU sessions to attend. Please note, to receive a full 8 hours of TCEQ CEUs you must attend these sessions for the full day! Gain essential knowledge and practical skills to assess and improve soil health in turfgrass landscapes.
During this session, participants will:
Understanding Soil Health: Gain a deeper understanding of soil health and its critical importance in turfgrass management. Explore key indicators of soil health, including soil structure, texture, and organic matter content, and learn how these factors influence turf growth and vitality.
Turf Triage Techniques: Learn practical turf triage techniques to assess soil health and diagnose common soil-related issues. Discover how to conduct soil tests, analyze soil profiles, and interpret test results to identify areas for improvement and develop targeted soil management strategies.
Promoting Soil Health: Explore strategies for promoting soil health and enhancing turf performance through sustainable soil management practices. Learn about soil amendment techniques, such as aeration, topdressing, and composting, to improve soil structure, fertility, and water retention.
Environmental Benefits: Understand the broader environmental benefits of soil health management, including improved water infiltration, reduced erosion, and enhanced carbon sequestration. Discover how fostering healthy soils contributes to ecosystem resilience and sustainability.
This session is ideal for turfgrass managers, golf course superintendents, sports field managers, and irrigators and landscape professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of soil health and implement sustainable soil management practices in turfgrass landscapes.
Pablo A. Boeri is a dedicated Turfgrass Extension Specialist based in Dallas. With a background in agronomy and extensive academic training in horticulture, Pablo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His commitment to advancing the field of turfgrass is evident through his academic achievements, including a Master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Florida. With a focus on turfgrass, Pablo is passionate about promoting sustainable practices and enhancing the health and aesthetics of outdoor spaces. As a Turfgrass Extension Specialist, he is dedicated to providing valuable resources and guidance to professionals in the industry, helping them achieve their turf management goals efficiently and effectively. Connect with Pablo at to learn more about his work and expertise in the field of turfgrass management.