Must attend full day to receive 7 hours of LA CES CEUs. Gain insights into sustainable landscaping practices focused on integrating natural solutions for long-term maintenance and effective drainage management. Attendees will explore innovative approaches to design that prioritize environmental conservation, reduce maintenance costs, and mitigate drainage issues.

Key Objectives:
Understanding Sustainable Landscaping Principles: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable landscaping principles, including the use of native plants, soil conservation techniques, and water-efficient design strategies.
Exploring Natural Solutions for Drainage Management: The presentation will delve into the utilization of natural drainage solutions such as bioswales, rain gardens, and permeable paving to effectively manage stormwater runoff and reduce erosion.
Minimizing Maintenance Requirements: Attendees will learn how sustainable landscaping practices can minimize maintenance requirements through the selection of low-maintenance plant species, smart irrigation systems, and efficient mulching techniques.
Promoting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health: The session will highlight the importance of promoting biodiversity and ecosystem health within landscape designs, emphasizing the role of sustainable landscaping in supporting pollinators, wildlife habitats, and overall ecosystem resilience.