Must attend full day to receive 7 hours of LA CES CEUs. Take a deep dive during an unveiling of Civic Park at Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas, offering an in-depth exploration of its design, significance, and impact on the urban landscape.
Key Objectives:
Unveil Civic Park’s Design: Provide an in-depth look at the design principles, features, and amenities of Civic Park, highlighting its integration of nature, culture, and community.
Highlight Significance: Explore the historical and cultural significance of Hemisfair and its transformation into a vibrant civic space, emphasizing the park’s role in revitalizing the urban core.
Showcase Sustainable Practices: Examine the sustainable design elements and green infrastructure incorporated into Civic Park, showcasing innovative approaches to water management, biodiversity, and energy efficiency.
Demonstrate Collaborative Planning: Illustrate the collaborative planning process behind Civic Park’s development, involving community engagement, stakeholder partnerships, and interdisciplinary design approaches.
Inspire Creative Engagement: Encourage landscape architects to draw inspiration from Civic Park’s design principles and innovative features, fostering creativity and exploration in their own projects.