DEMO: Must be registered for EXPO Education or Tradeshow Plus Pass to Attend: Propagation Station
Gain an understanding of how Rootshield works to suppress soilborne pathogens, promote root health, and enhance plant vigor. Through practical examples and case studies, participants will learn about the efficacy of Rootshield in preventing diseases such as root rot and damping-off during propagation, as well as its role in improving root development and overall plant performance in boxwood production. This session aims to empower nursery growers, horticulturists, and plant producers with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively integrate Rootshield into their propagation and production practices, promoting healthier and more resilient boxwood plants.
Paul Winski is with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and is a horticulturist with a broad base of experience in the greenhouse and nursery industry. He has been successful because of his expertise in new product development, integrated pest management, and product knowledge. What’s unique about his approach is making the effort to fully comprehend the big picture for both the grower and the consumer. He enjoys listening to the grower’s needs, understanding the consumer’s wants and developing a plan for both to be successful.