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Explore the benefits of incorporating native plants into landscape designs, including enhanced biodiversity, reduced water usage, and improved resilience to local environmental conditions. Through practical examples and case studies, participants will learn about native plant alternatives for popular landscape plants, tailored to their specific region or ecosystem. The session aims to empower landscape professionals, gardeners, and homeowners with the knowledge and resources necessary to create sustainable and ecologically-friendly landscapes using native plants.
George Cates serves as the Restoration Specialist at Native American Seed, based in Junction, Texas. With a BA in Environmental Studies from Austin College, George brings extensive expertise to his role, having led numerous prairie restorations and managed seed production operations across various regions in Texas.
Weston Neiman is the Inventory/Human Resources Supervisor at Native American Seed. He pursued his education at New Mexico State University, where he also played football, and earned a master’s degree from Texas Tech University. Weston is dedicated to supporting the mission of Native American Seed, working tirelessly to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.