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Gain insights into the intricate process of assessing rose cultivars for characteristics such as bloom size, color, fragrance, disease resistance, and overall plant vigor. Through detailed explanations and practical demonstrations, participants will learn about the standards employed by rose societies, breeders, and horticultural experts to determine the quality and suitability of roses for various purposes, including garden cultivation, exhibition, and commercial production. This session aims to equip rose enthusiasts, gardeners, and industry professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions when selecting and evaluating roses.
Paul Winkski is with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and is a horticulturist with a broad base of experience in the greenhouse and nursery industry. He has been successful because of his expertise in new product development, integrated pest management, and product knowledge. What’s unique about his approach is making the effort to fully comprehend the big picture for both the grower and the consumer. He enjoys listening to the grower’s needs, understanding the consumer’s wants and developing a plan for both to be successful.