Learn how to assess critical soil, water, and plant relationships impacting irrigation systems and gain an overview of the recent innovations and technology developments to assist with auditing and better management of landscape irrigation. With speaker DJ Seeger with Seeger Water.

Seeger & Son’s Sprinkler Company
Chilhood – January 2015
DJ got his start in landscape irrigation from a young age, helping his
dad (Don Seeger Sr, LI0003433) with his small residential repair outfit. It
started with carrying shovels and parts across customers yards, grew
into administration, marketing, and office management, and
eventually led to DJ taking the baton from his father and leading the
company into the next generation.
Seeger Water

January 2015 – Present
Since DJ took over the 3 man sprinkler team, he rebranded the
company to Seeger Water, reflecting the company’s focus on water
conservation and management, and expanding the company’s
capabilities to include plumbing, water operations, pumps and
controls, and cross connection control.