The talk will be centered around the City of Frisco’s history of Water Conservation through different programs such as the Free Sprinkler Checkup program, Smart Controller Program, Newsletter, Weather Station, Licensed Inspectors and Patrol program.
I will talk about the successes and miscalculations that have been made and how, through educated calculations involving weather and surface factors, microclimates and nozzle efficiency, Frisco is able to lower our GPCD each year even as the population grows.

Managing water conservation through inspections, education, enforcement, and checkups of irrigation systems in one of the fastest-growing cities in America.

Walk away knowing:
• Frisco manages a large population influx in a water-taxed region
• The beginnings of Water Resources in Frisco
• Programs
• What works and what doesn’t
• Results

Ron Garcia Utility Superintendent – City of Frisco 8 years
President Dallas Irrigation Assoc. 2018-2020
Licensed Irrigator
Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
Licensed Irrigation Inspector
Licensed Auditor