Presentation Description: The Texas Superstar Plant Program has contributed over the years in the beautification of commercial and residential landscapes which has financially benefited Independent Nurseries/Garden Centers, Landscape Architects, Landscape Installers and Maintenance Professionals and participating wholesale plant growers with proven the test of time native and well adaptive plants that have made it through intense field trials throughout the Great State of Texas.

This presentation and Program update would benefit all members and disciplines of the “Green Industry.”
-Selecting these plants and the benefits that they provide through the Texas A&M University Earth-Kind Environmental Stewardship Program can provide. Planting 12 months of Landscape Color, increasing sales for wholesale growers, retail outlets and landscape professionals, water conservation, attracting beneficial insects and pollinators, reducing the use of pesticides and energy conservation and much more.
David Rodriguez is deeply rooted in the Texas gardening and landscape plant world. He started working at the prime age of 10 with local San Antonio nurseries which included Grimm’s Garden Centers and Landscape, Wolfe Nurseries and Calloway’s. David then went off to Texas A&M University and earned bachelor and master’s degrees in horticultural sciences. Before and during these formal educational years, he often worked seven days a week to save up money for his educational and living expenses. David joined the ranks of the Extension Service, an educational agency of the Texas A&M University System in 2006 as the area Extension Horticulturist. During his service with the Extension Service, David has helped expand youth horticulture programming, enhanced outreach to the green industry which includes trialing and releasing new plant introductions in support of the Texas SuperStar™ Plant Program as well as increasing the awareness of the Bexar County Extension Volunteer Master Gardener program and their significant contributions to the community.