Explore different pesticides available to treat common greenhouse issues and gain tips on proper spray application techniques to use. Located in Hall 2 near the TNLA PAC Lounge. With Dr. Erfan Vafaie with BioWorks, Inc.

Erfan Vafaie, PhD, is a dedicated entomologist who works closely with growers to understand and manage insects and pathogens in greenhouse and nursery crops. He is a sought-after trainer who has shared his expertise with growers, master gardeners, landscapers, and academics throughout the USA and Canada.

Erfan’s training topics have included integrated pest management in greenhouses, management of specific invasive or common insect pests, crop scouting strategies, how to develop effective biological control programs, and Texas Certified Clean Nursery training.

Previously, Erfan served as an Extension Program Specialist in IPM for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, where he focused on helping greenhouse, nursery, and ornamental growers with a combination of research and training. In his current role as Technical Services Manager for BioWorks Inc., he continues to support growers by providing guidance on pest management strategies, assists with selecting the right product for the job, and provides hands-on training to use products right.