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Nursery/Landscape EXPO is the premier horticulture show to attend for profitable face-to-face interaction, networking, sales, education and professional development opportunities.  EXPO…..Helping You Do Business Better in Texas!

EXPO allows you to market to over 6,000 nursery and landscape professionals, the largest gathering under one roof in the South Central United States.

Texas is one of the top three Green Industry Markets in the country. With over $19 Billion in total sales in the Green Industry in Texas, you can’t afford NOT to do business in Texas.

At EXPO, greenline, hardline, and service companies show what’s NEW, what’s HOT and what SPECIALS are available this season! EXPO attendees are serious quality buyers, motivated by the opportunity to discover new products and compare values.

Displaying at EXPO gets your customers beyond a typical showroom setting and creates a sales conducive environment in a festive atmosphere with beautiful, landscaped surroundings.  As internet business-to-business sales increase, one thing remains constant in the Green Industry; People only want to do business online with companies they have met face-to-face where they can see, touch and feel what the industry has to offer.

EXPO attendees are serious buyers motivated by the opportunity to search out new products and compare values. They have been doing this at our “ONE-STOP MARKET” for over 60 years.