Welcome To The New TNLA EXPO Blog!

Welcome to the new TNLA EXPO Blog!

Listen to a brief message from Amy Graham, CEO/President of TNLA, about the blog and show below!

Welcome to the new TNLA EXPO Blog! The purpose of this blog is to help us connect with you all and to engage members and non-members alike in conversation about EXPO. Also gain information, education, access general items that TNLA is doing, has done and will be doing in the future. Allowing attendees to make decisions on a daily basis. Expect a blog post every 2 weeks however we want to keep you informed as things happen so we might post weekly on occasion.

Leave us a comment and can’t wait to see you all in 2 months time šŸ™‚

To register click on this linkĀ https://www.nurserylandscapeexpo.org/attendees/


This year, we’re excited to unveil new features that elevate your Expo experience. Interact with our innovative AI Chatbot, your personal event navigator, providing pre-event planning and answering all your queries. Dive into our vibrant new blog for Expo updates, industry insights, and community engagement. Visit our TNLA booth for exclusive giveaways, find your next star employee and networking opportunities. Attend special events to connect with peers and explore shared interests. Download our mobile app for access to floor plans, session ratings, and speaker details. Get ready to Dream, Believe, Achieve at the TNLA Expo – the ultimate destination for industry innovation and growth!

If you haven’t registered already, just a reminder early bird rates end July 26, 2024 plus TNLA members receive exclusive discounts at show. If you are interested in becoming a TNLA Member please visit:Ā https://www.tnlaonline.org/membership.html You can also reach out to us directly by emailing us at membership@tnlaonline.org or calling us at 512-579-3860.

If you are interested in exhibiting please contact Amy Prenger at amy@tnlaonline.org or calling her at (512) 579-3858 for more information. You can also visit our exhibitor tab on the website by visiting: https://www.nurserylandscapeexpo.org/exhibitors/

If you have questions in regard to education and obtaining CEUs, please contact Sarah Riggins at sarah@tnlaonline.org or call her at (512) 579-3854. To View Education, add sessions to your calendar or view speaker informtion visit https://www.nurserylandscapeexpo.org/education/

If you have questions on Registration please contact Cheryl Staritz at cheryl@tnlaonline.org or call her at (512) 579-3863.

May 24, 2024