with Speaker: Tommy Cole & John Dalton, McFarlin Stanford

Understanding what key financial statements, like your profit and loss statement, are telling you is critically important both for owners and for landscape leaders. In this session, we break down the key financial statements you should know how to read, what to look for, and what the numbers mean for your business. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of your financial statements and how to use the information in them to make business decisions.

TOMMY COLE – Vice President

Tommy has over 20 years of green industry experience with a diverse background in Landscape Design & Installation, Civil Construction, Interior Plant Care and Outdoor Services. His discipline is in developing and implementing simple, clean processes that are proven to deliver bottom line results. Through his coaching, he personally demonstrates the importance of consistent team and client communication in day-to-day operations.  Through his actions, he fosters a healthy company culture and leverages its influence in driving a team’s success.  Tommy has a broad breadth of leadership experience with proven successes, and as a result, he provides our clients with tactical daily habits that move their teams to the next level.  The teams he coaches can deliver operational excellence, handle significant growth and create an exceptional client experience.

JOHN DALTON – Chief Marketing Officer

John Dalton is a seasoned marketing professional and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. After earning his MBA from the SMU Cox School of Business, John worked at FedEx Services in international marketing, where he oversaw the rebranding of all FedEx Kinko’s locations outside the U.S. He then joined Brinker International, where he worked with franchisees to manage multi-million-dollar brands like Chili’s, On the Border, and Macaroni Grill in Asia and the Middle East, launching regional campaigns and multiple international locations. John transitioned to entrepreneurship as the CMO of a wholesale jewelry startup and then opened the online retailer, inkWELL Press Productivity Co, achieving seven-figure revenue in less than 18 months. Today, he serves as the CMO of McFarlin Stanford, implementing successful SEO and content strategies, streamlining our overall brand strategy, and leading the expansion of the ACE Peer Groups. John’s decades of marketing expertise have led to significant growth and success in every organization he has worked with.