DEMO: Must be registered for EXPO Education or Tradeshow Plus Pass to Attend. The Demo is located at the Landscape and Irrigation Lab.

Join us for an exciting session on how to transform your landscape at night with vibrant lighting! Discover the basics of landscape lighting, including the different types (LED, solar, low-voltage) and the many benefits, such as enhancing aesthetics, improving safety and security, and extending the usability of your outdoor spaces. Learn key design principles like layering light, identifying focal points, achieving balance, and choosing the right color temperatures. We will demonstrate various techniques to add color, including colored LED lights, filters, uplighting, downlighting, silhouetting, and shadowing. See practical setup examples that showcase the stunning impact of different colors on landscape elements and explore smart lighting controls to easily manage your outdoor lighting. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your landscape and create a beautiful night-time oasis!