Get in in-depth view of the coverage of foliar spray and when to use them versus trunk injection. Located at the Tree Action Area in Hall 3. With Speaker Emmett Muennink with Arborjet.

As an applicator, manager, and technical representative Emmett has helped businesses grow PHC revenue for over 10 years. Hear what he’s learned and how to succeed at PHC. How to get started, improve, or fine tune your PHC program. Learn strategies to develop a successful PHC program Business requirements, licensing and insurance Tools of the trade PHC services How to price and structure services Emmett Muennink, Arborjet|Ecologel -South Central Technical Manager: Emmett holds a B.S. in Agronomy and a M.S. in Crop Science from Texas Tech University. He’s a self-proclaimed tree nerd and has 13 years of plant health care experience. His role with Arborjet allows him to share his knowledge and passion of PHC with tree and landscape professionals across several states.