Must be registered for Wednesday Education CEU sessions to attend. Please note, to receive a full 8 hours of TCEQ CEUs you must attend these sessions for the full day! Dive deep into the mastery of irrigation flow management with our educational session on “Principles of Flow Management.” This session is designed to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in effectively managing irrigation systems through the principles of hydrology, equipment utilization, and technology integration.
Throughout the session, attendees will:
Master Theory and Principles: Explore the fundamental theories and principles underlying flow management in irrigation systems. Gain a solid understanding of hydrology concepts, including water distribution, flow rates, and hydraulic principles essential for efficient water management.
Utilize Equipment and Technology: Learn how to effectively utilize irrigation equipment and modern technologies to optimize flow management. Discover advanced irrigation controllers, flow meters, valves, and sensors that enable precise control and monitoring of water distribution.
Enhance Efficiency: Explore strategies to enhance the efficiency of irrigation systems through proper design, installation, and maintenance practices. Learn how to identify and address common inefficiencies such as leaks, clogs, and pressure fluctuations to maximize water conservation and minimize resource waste.
Promote Sustainability: Understand the importance of sustainable water management practices in irrigation flow management. Explore strategies to reduce water usage, prevent runoff, and promote soil health while ensuring optimal plant growth and landscape vitality.
This session is ideal for irrigation professionals, landscapers, agriculturalists, and anyone involved in the design, installation, or management of irrigation systems.
Preston is originally from Collin County, north of Dallas and now resides in New Braunfels, TX. Beginning in 2010, his first job was working counter sales in the irrigation industry where he worked summers and school breaks. After graduating high school, he attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis is Business Communication. After distribution, Preston spent four years with a drip manufacture, and now currently with Hunter Industries working with contractors, distributors, architects, and consultants helping optimize the use of irrigation technologies.