Must be registered for Wednesday Education CEU sessions to attend. Please note, to receive a full 8 hours of TCEQ CEUs you must attend these sessions for the full day! This session is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of residential and small commercial irrigation systems, covering everything from the point of connection to the point of water application.
During this session, participants will:
System Components Overview: Gain insights into the various components of residential and small-scale irrigation systems, from the point of connection to the point of water application. Explore the functionality of control systems, valves, sprinklers, and rotors, and learn how each component contributes to efficient water distribution.
Working Principles: Discover how control systems regulate watering schedules and duration to optimize water usage and promote plant health. Learn about the different types of valves and their functions in controlling water flow and pressure within the irrigation system. Explore the mechanics of sprays and rotors and understand how they deliver water evenly to the landscape.
Practical Applications: Explore practical applications and best practices for designing, installing, and maintaining residential and small-scale irrigation systems. Learn how to select appropriate components based on landscape needs, soil types, and local climate conditions to ensure efficient water distribution and minimize waste.
Water Conservation Strategies: Understand the importance of water conservation in irrigation systems and explore strategies for maximizing water efficiency. Learn about water-saving technologies, such as soil moisture sensors and weather-based controllers, and how they can help reduce water usage while maintaining healthy landscapes.
This session is ideal for homeowners, landscapers, irrigation contractors, and anyone involved in the design, installation, or maintenance of residential and small-scale irrigation systems.
Ramzi White is a Senior Branch Manager for SiteOne Landscape Supply, in the Lubbock and Amarillo market. He started with SiteOne in February 2016 and has been in the industry since 2003. He has a Master of Science in Horticulture from Texas Tech University with a specific field of study in Turfgrass, as well as, being a licensed irrigator in Texas. As a SiteOne Irrigation instructor, Ramzi enjoys giving back to the team and paying forward the development he received along the way. He also strives to learn something new daily as he works with the team to better serve their customers. Prior to being in the Landscape industry he served in the Air Force as a TACP.