Must attend full day to receive 7 hours of LA CES CEUs. Discover the Great Springs Project, a transformative initiative aimed at establishing a greenway of protected lands across the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, connecting Austin to San Antonio. The project’s centerpiece is the creation of the Great Springs Trail, which will link the iconic Barton Springs, San Marcos Springs, Comal Springs, and San Antonio Springs, uniting diverse ecosystems and communities along the way.

Key Objectives:

Understand the Project’s Vision: Participants will gain insight into the vision and objectives of the Great Springs Project, including its focus on water conservation, land protection, wildlife preservation, and public health enhancement.
Explore Trail Design Challenges: By examining the varied landscapes and communities traversed by the Great Springs Trail, attendees will learn about the unique design challenges and considerations associated with creating a cohesive trail experience across rural, suburban, and urban environments.
Learn from Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The presentation will highlight the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the project’s development, showcasing how landscape architects can work alongside water resource managers, conservationists, and community stakeholders to achieve shared goals.
Discover Sustainable Design Practices: Participants will discover innovative sustainable design practices employed in the creation of the Great Springs Trail, such as habitat restoration, stormwater management, and trail infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact.
Gain Inspiration for Future Projects: By exploring the Great Springs Project as a case study, landscape architects will gain inspiration and practical insights that can be applied to their own projects, particularly those involving green infrastructure, trail design, and community engagement.