Must attend full day to receive 7 hours of LA CES CEUs. Learn how to implement best management practices (BMPs) for Texas native plants. Attendees will gain practical insights into selecting, installing, and maintaining native plant species to enhance ecological resilience and create sustainable landscapes.
Key Objectives:
Understanding Texas Native Plants: Participants will develop an understanding of the unique characteristics and benefits of Texas native plants, including their adaptability to local climate conditions, water efficiency, and ability to support native wildlife.
Selecting Appropriate Species: The presentation will cover strategies for selecting native plant species that thrive in Texas’s diverse ecosystems, from the arid regions of West Texas to the humid coastal plains. Attendees will learn how to create plant palettes tailored to specific site conditions and design objectives.
Installation Techniques: Attendees will learn best practices for installing Texas native plants, including proper planting depth, spacing, and soil preparation. Emphasis will be placed on techniques to promote root establishment and drought tolerance.
Water Conservation and Irrigation: The session will address water conservation strategies specific to Texas landscapes, including rainwater harvesting, efficient irrigation systems, and xeriscaping principles. Participants will learn how to minimize water use while maintaining healthy native plantings.
Maintenance Considerations: The presentation will cover maintenance considerations for Texas native plants, including pruning, mulching, and pest management. Attendees will learn how to develop sustainable maintenance plans that support the long-term health and vitality of native plantings.