DEMO: Free: Special Events Theater
Discover how robotics and AI are transforming transportation in the nursery and landscape industry, highlighting benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety. Attendees will learn about the capabilities of these technologies, including autonomous navigation and route optimization, through real-world case studies. The session explores future trends and opportunities for innovation in nursery and landscape transportation, providing a concise overview for professionals seeking insights into the potential of robotics and AI in optimizing transportation processes.
Nathan Heath has had extensive experience in various roles within the sales, business operations, and agricultural industries. Nathan has held leadership positions in companies such as Burro, Soli Organic, Iron Ox, Cultivate, Phoenix Farms, and Hub City Commerce, showcasing their skills in strategic planning, customer development, and financial management. Nathan’s journey began as a retail clerk at Title Wave Books, eventually leading to founding and selling an e-commerce venture as CEO at Hub City Commerce. Nathan’s most recent role as Senior Manager of Sales and Channel Growth at Burro demonstrates their ability to drive significant growth and market penetration in the nursery industry.