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Approved TDA Sessions

Gain the most TDA Ag-Pesticide License CEUs by attending the below courses.

Anne-Marie Callcott

Federal Regulations and Management of Imported Fire Ants (IFA) in Nursery and Landscape Situations

This presentation will present both general management practices and quarantine compliances that can impact the nursery and landscape industries in Texas. Texas is only partially infested with IFA and while the Federal IFA Quarantine is applicable to the movement of regulated items/nursery stock form Texas to other states, Texas has an internal quarantine that regulates the movement of nursery stock within the state. An overview of the Federal IFA Quarantine regulations will be discussed as well as the differences in management of IFA in nursery systems depending on whether you are treating for the Federal IFA Quarantine or for general sanitation reasons.

CEUs Available: 1 TNLA; 1 TDA – Laws & Reg / SPCS Pest; 1 TCEQ; 1 APLD

Laura Miller, TCNP

Protecting Pollinators

This presentation will provide for discussion of one of the most important environmental issues facing the Green Industry, the protection of honey bees and other native pollinators, and how we can minimize the negative impact of insecticide use with product selection and timing, as well as maximize the positive impact that ornamental plants can have on pollinator habitat.

CEUs available: 1 TNLA; 1 TDA – General / SPCS General (Other); 1 ISA – CA, TW Climber, Utility Specialist, BCMA – Practice, TW Aerial Lift Specialist, Municipal Specialist; 1 APLD

Dr. Mengmeng Gu – Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service & Erfan Vafaie – Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service

Correct identification is key to treat potential pests

We will give an introduction of history of crapemyrtle bark scale in the U.S., how to identify the insect and how to control the insect. There are several generations of CMBS per year in Texas. Timing is important to have good control of insects. We have been monitoring CMBS population in several locations, which may help determine the best timing for chemical control.

CEUs Available: 1 TNLA; 1 TDA – General / SPCS Lawn & Ornamental

Laura Miller, TCNP

SPECIAL TOPICS – Common Crapemyrtle Disease and Insect Problems

Crapemyrtle is remarkably problem-free, especially if using resistant selections that are properly sited. Nonetheless, a couple new problems have emerged and a few older issues continue to plague crapemyrtle. Dr. Gary Knox will discuss the major, minor and rare pests, diseases and disorders that affect crapemyrtle (other than crapemyrtle bark scale), along with possible management strategies.

CEUs Available: 1 TNLA; 1 TDA – General / SPCS Lawn & Ornamental

Dr. Mike Merchant – Texas Agrilife Research and Extension Center & Dr. Yan Chen – Louisiana State University Agriculture Center

SPECIAL TOPICS – CMBS Landscape and Container Trials

We have several trials looking at controlling CMBS in landscapes and containers. This presentation features what works and what doesn’t and what precautions are needed to protect pollinators and beneficial insects.

CEUs Available: 1 TNLA; 1 TDA – General / SPCS General (Other)