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Grower’s Session Suggestions

Growers, customize your education by using these session suggestions!

Fine Tuning Your Greenhouse Crop production for Maximum Profits

Wayne Pianta

Key to success in the greenhouse business today is maximizing your efficiency in producing and delivering high quality product to your customers. This seminar will discuss strategies for analyzing your crop production input strategies and streamlining them for optimum success in your facilities. By exploring the use of inputs like light, temperature, and water for the production of specific crops methods will be identified for maximizing crop quality, shortening crop cycles and potentially increasing crop turns in your facilities. A list of resources will be identified for accomplishing these objectives

Federal Regulations and Management of Imported Fire Ants (IFA) in Nursery and Landscape Situations

This presentation will present both general management practices and quarantine compliance that can impact the nursery and landscape industries in Texas. Texas is only partially infested with IFA and while the Federal IFA Quarantine is applicable to the movement of regulated items/nursery stock from Texas to other states, Texas has an internal quarantine that regulates the movement of nursery stock within the state. An overview of the Federal IFA Quarantine regulations will be discussed as well as the differences in management of IFA in nursery systems depending on whether you are treating for the Federal IFA Quarantine or for general sanitation reasons.

Navigating H-2A and H-2B

Having a hard time finding temporary help? The search for labor keeps many contractors up at night. For many companies, legally hiring foreign workers is the answer. Taking the first step to employing reliable labor can be tough, especially in your line of business. Whether you’re a veteran, or a newcomer to the guest worker programs, the process is ever changing, and can make it difficult or overwhelming to keep up with. Don’t let that prevent you from getting the reliable workforce you so desperately need. This seminar focuses on the current H2A and H2B environment including: how to manage your company’s H2A and H2B efforts, what’s happening in D.C., how to ensure your company is compliant with federal regulations and how the programs can become part of the solution to your labor demands.

Annual Economic Report

The annual economic report will provide an update of the relevant economic indicators to the green industry. The structure and composition of the industry and the major production and marketing factors will be highlighted. What are the implications for your competitive strategy? What strategy is right for you? How does innovation shape the current and potential profitability of your business?

The Sellability of Your Business

This presentation discusses the concept of sellability, an owner’s ability to successfully complete the sale of their landscaping business at a fair market value. It will explore the seven financial and non-financial aspects of a landscaping business that determine how attractive it is to prospective buyers, and attempt to explain why some businesses are worth buying at almost any price while others are difficult to sell even when practically given away.