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Landscape Session Suggestions

Landscapers, create your personal education track by using these session suggestions!

Rachelle Kemp TCLP, TMCNP

Don’t Leave Your Customers in the Dark! Add Landscape Lighting To Your Business!

This presentation would cover the basics of adding low voltage LED landscape lighting to an existing green industry business.
Attendees will learn about design basics such as lighting techniques and their effects, integrated fixtures or LED lamps, choosing the proper fixture and lamp for the job, light color makes a difference and glare control is critical. You will also learn tips on installation such as tools of the trade (what your toolbox must have), wiring methods, know your loads (yes, even with LED it matters), fixture installation techniques, covering wire, control methods and best practices like education, where to get the best information, choosing the right lighting products for your area, your warranty and service after the sale.

Dr. Charlie Hall

Elasticity Effects on Pricing Dynamics

Determining a price for green industry products that maximizes revenue/profit is an ongoing process that challenges even the best business managers. The first step in developing a pricing strategy is to understand the buying habits of your customers. You can use that data to determine a product’s price elasticity of demand, which is a measure of how price changes affect consumers’ willingness to buy a product. Couple that with an accurate knowledge of costs of production to serve as a price floor and firms can eliminate bad pricing decisions!

Dotty Woodson

Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Irrigation

Water use increases from 35 to 70% during the irrigation season. Water utilities must have the supply, treatment capability and infrastructure to supply this increased water demand. As large urban areas grow in population and development, the cost of supply, treatment and infrastructure increases therefore the water cost to customers increase. An affordable option for landscape irrigation is rainwater harvesting.

Laura Miller, TCNP

Protecting Pollinators

This presentation will provide for discussion of one of the most important environmental issues facing the Green Industry, the protection of honey bees and other native pollinators, and how we can minimize the negative impact of insecticide use with product selection and timing, as well as maximize the positive impact that ornamental plants can have on pollinator habitat.

Gene Gehring

Best Maintenance Practices for Healthy Trees

Trees are usually the highest value item in the landscape yet their care is often misunderstood. In this talk, you will see examples of best maintenance practices, learn why they are best for the tree and also see examples of what to avoid. April will emphasize the importance of educating the client so they understand what you are doing and support your recommendations.