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Stay tuned in for more information as speakers are announced this Spring! EXPO’s Education conference will be held Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17, 2018, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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Shelley Row

Thursday, August 10: 8:00am-9:50am

Go with Your Gut: Effective Decision-Making in an Over-Thinking World

Is valuable time wasted searching for just one more piece of information? Do you ever hear, “This is taking w-a-y too long?” When someone flies off the handle is time squandered doing damage control? Do you notice that sometimes data alone is not enough?

These are challenges that face every decision-maker. Think about it…whether strategy, staffing, projects, programs, clients or customers, your ability to make effective decisions determines: Your organization’s success, Your professional achievement and Your personal fulfillment. Plus, Shelley’s proven results show effective decision-making saves time, improves productivity, enhances teamwork and reduces stress.

Shelley’s interviews with 77 executives combined with neuroscience and her own executive experience shows that the most effective decision-making comes from the skilled balance of cognition and intuition. That powerful combination is infotuition®. And today, research in neuroscience transforms intuition from woo-woo to practical. Infotuitive skills are readily implementable and, like other skills, benefit from instruction and practice. Put infotuition® to work for you and your organization. The skills of infotuition® come to life through interactive, memorable exercises that participants will talk about for days and weeks to come. Learn to stop over-thinking by leveraging subtle clues from your experience.

  • Analyze the source of knee-jerk decisions and how to recognize the early warning signs.
  • Discover techniques to slow a knee-jerk reaction so that rational thought returns.
  • Increase innovation and creativity by enabling more aha moments.

Dr. Charlie Hall

Friday, August 11: 8:00am-9:50am

Bridging the Generation GAP: A Change of Industry Equals a Change of Mindset

There are so many generalizations that are put forth regarding generational differences that it is challenging to completely understand what to do about it. In this session, Charlie will dive deeper into the task of understanding the millennial mindset — the priorities, motivations, and background “ecosystem” of the millennials — that drives their purchasing habits. On the flip side, managing a multigenerational workplace — how do you get people to work across generational lines in productive ways? Lastly, in terms of recruiting and retaining a millennial workforce, Charlie will discuss the strategies for on-boarding millennials to increase the chances they will be successful contributors to the workplace? How you can work with their skills and help develop professionalization and leadership skills?

Explosive Breakout Sessions!

Thursday, August 10

Wayne Pianta

Fine Tune your Greenhouse Crop Production for Maximum Profits

Laura Miller

Protecting Pollinators

Gene Gehring

Best Maintenance Practices for Healthy Trees

Anne-Marie Callcott

Federal Regulations and Management of Imported Fire Ants in Nursery and Landscape Situations

Friday. August 11

Susan Martin

From Surviving to Thriving—How to Build Revenue from the Next Generation of “Growers”

Nicholas Staddon

Incorporating Therapeutic Plant Values into your Plant Selection

Dr. Marco Palma

Neuromarketing Agricultural Products

Arnulfo Hinojosa

Navigating H-2A and H-2B


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