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Stay tuned in for more information as speakers are announced this Spring! EXPO’s Education conference will be held Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17, 2018, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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Clint Swindall

Thursday, August 16: 8:30 am-9:50 am

The Power of Personal Engagement

The engagement of employees continues to be a top priority for organizational leaders — and for good reason. Research indicates a highly engaged workforce can increase productivity, profitability, and innovation, while reducing costs associated with attracting and retaining new employees. In a nutshell, engaged employees are good for business. With research also showing that less than one-third of employees in the average organization are truly engaged, an ongoing effort must be made to continuously increase employee engagement. While we work to engage others, it is important for all employees to first consider their own level of engagement. Every day we walk through the doors of our office we are either adding to or taking away from the culture of the organization. There is no middle ground. Our personal engagement is our daily contribution to a culture of employee engagement.

In this keynote presentation we will take a look at personal engagement and the impact it has on the engagement of those around us. Often our biggest obstacle to building a strong culture of employee engagement is standing in our shoes. We will identify some simple steps to focus on personal leadership, and discuss how small adjustments can positively impact the engagement of those around us.

Jack Jostes

Friday, August 17: 8:30 am-9:50 am

Bridging the Generation GAP: A Change of Industry Equals a Change of Mindset

There are so many generalizations that are put forth regarding generational differences that it is challenging to completely understand what to do about it. In this session, Charlie will dive deeper into the task of understanding the millennial mindset — the priorities, motivations, and background “ecosystem” of the millennials — that drives their purchasing habits. On the flip side, managing a multigenerational workplace — how do you get people to work across generational lines in productive ways? Lastly, in terms of recruiting and retaining a millennial workforce, Charlie will discuss the strategies for on-boarding millennials to increase the chances they will be successful contributors to the workplace? How you can work with their skills and help develop professionalization and leadership skills?

Explosive Breakout Sessions!

Thursday, August 16

Friday. August 17


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