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Business Session Suggestions

Find the sessions that help you in your business thought the suggested sessions below.

Stop Wasting Time!

Shelley Row

This workshop uses discussion and exercises to delve deeper into decision-making skills. Plus, easy-to-understand neuroscience provides a scientific foundation so that you can better use all the capabilities of your brain. The workshop is available for 90 minutes up to one-day. Longer workshops can be further enhanced through the use of the DNA Behavior Self-Assessment tool.

Session Take-aways:

Learn how to recognize the signs of over-thinking in themselves and resolve it so they can make more effective decisions and move on.
Know their reactive triggers and how to handle them so that it doesn’t ripple throughout the organization.
Develop practical ways to manage distractions to make room for more innovative solutions.
Create a personal action plan for effective decision-making that sticks.

Dr. Charlie Hall

Elasticity Effects on Pricing Dynamics

Determining a price for green industry products that maximizes revenue/profit is an ongoing process that challenges even the best business managers. The first step in developing a pricing strategy is to understand the buying habits of your customers. You can use that data to determine a product’s price elasticity of demand, which is a measure of how price changes affect consumers’ willingness to buy a product. Couple that with an accurate knowledge of costs of production to serve as a price floor and firms can eliminate bad pricing decisions!

Session Take-aways:

  • This talk is meant to challenge the status quo of pricing in the industry
  • Demonstrate that money is being left on the table

Navigating H-2A and H-2B

Arnulfo Hinojosa

Having a hard time finding temporary help? The search for labor keeps many contractors up at night. For many companies, legally hiring foreign workers is the answer. Taking the first step to employing reliable labor can be tough, especially in your line of business. Whether you’re a veteran, or a newcomer to the guest worker programs, the process is ever changing, and can make it difficult or overwhelming to keep up with. Don’t let that prevent you from getting the reliable workforce you so desperately need. This seminar focuses on the current H2A and H2B environment including: how to manage your company’s H2A and H2B efforts, what’s happening in D.C., how to ensure your company is compliant with federal regulations and how the programs can become part of the solution to your labor demands.

Annual Economic Report

Dr. Marco Palma

The annual economic report will provide an update of the relevant economic indicators to the green industry. The structure and composition of the industry and the major production and marketing factors will be highlighted. What are the implications for your competitive strategy? What strategy is right for you? How does innovation shape the current and potential profitability of your business?

Session Take-aways:

  • Current overall state of the economy relevant to the green industry
  • Current sales and economic impact of the green industry in the United States and Texas
  • Implications of the Economic Conditions.

The Sellability of Your Business

Peter Holton

This presentation discusses the concept of sellability, an owner’s ability to successfully complete the sale of their landscaping business at a fair market value. It will explore the seven financial and non-financial aspects of a landscaping business that determine how attractive it is to prospective buyers, and attempt to explain why some businesses are worth buying at almost any price while others are difficult to sell even when practically given away.

Session Take-aways:

How does the market for a business with $1,000,000 in annual sales compare to the market for one with $10,000,000 million?
How does the owner’s role in day-to-day operations impact sellability?
How should customer concentration be measured when evaluating and landscaping business?
Does location matter?